May 2016 - Page 74

You are the Miracle of Life Personified You received the great gift. Anything other than that, leave with your parents with humility and love. You can set a healthy boundary and turn away to your future, leaving any pain or dissatisfaction with them. We may have been victims as children, but we don’t have to continue to victimize ourselves as adults. If we had the strength to withstand the abuse then, we certainly have the strength to leave it in the past now. We may have felt we needed to take it in order to belong in our family system, but we actually don’t have to do anything to belong. We just do, and always have. We did it! We survived, just as our parents did with our grandparents. We all live in the same familial feedback loop. 74 | Eydis Magazine Still, dysfunctional family patterns can be broken. You don’t have to pass on any unresolved issues to your children, and they don’t have to take on any baggage from you. A good way to start is by taking your own empowered place as a fully functional adult. Remember, the universe wanted you to be birthed into existence, and you can tune into that source of support at any time. You made it in spite of all odds. In fact, those odds are what made you strong, and those less-than-perfect childhood experiences actually served you in ways you may still have yet to discover! When You Celebrate Mother, You Celebrate Your Place in Life And speaking of maternal forces, we’re at a point in human history when Mother Earth’s future is truly at stake. Of course, she will survive and regenerate with or without us humans. Still, we can make a difference. It’s time for women to take their rightful place and exert their power and influence globally. The balance of the masculine and feminine is way out of whack, and the corporate raping of resources and the pillaging of nations for profit by the “good ole boys club” must come to an end. Our collective future is at stake. Man’s addiction to power, endless greed and corruption will prove all the more meaningless without a home planet on which to live, don’t you think? It’s a Man’s World… Not! I find it so ironic that there is so much misogyny on planet earth when everyone’s genetic heritage is female. Biologically, every human has an “X” chromosome. It is the genetic template we all share. A man’s “Y” is actually a shift of hormones around the seventh week of gestation that externalizes the genitalia. In a sense, males are actually an aberration of the feminine. The genders are yin to yang and, of course, both make the world go ‘round. Still, there seems to be an undervaluing of women in most societies, despite