May 2016 - Page 73

Empowering Women 101 by Gary Stuart S pring has sprung, and with it comes the glorious month of May. Now is when many of us gather to celebrate Mom and the gift of life we received through her efforts. But while we may appreciate the nurture and care we may have gotten, Mother’s Day may also remind us of what we feel we didn’t get. The real question is, can we let our past remain in the past without dragging it into our current life, and forward into the future? Our childhood may hold certain dramas and traumas which may be directly connected to our relationship with our mother, but perhaps those things happened the way they happened for a reason. Perhaps it helped shape you into the strong person you are today. Regardless of whether she was your dear mother or a “mommy dearest,” it’s time to create the win/win situation you may have never known. Always remember that there is a bigger picture to be seen. The great universal mother/life force put it all together like a cosmic chess game, with many people’s lives entwining and conspiring to insure that your creation would take place. In some ways, even your biological parents were helpless to the greater karmic forces that brought them together to create the one-and-only you! 73