May 2016 - Page 65

dries n atrick A P d n a n ry E O WHAT D M REA D R U O SY by Kath ? N A ME Dear Dream Expert, I dreamt I was with my husband, Mark, and he told me he reserved a space in a room for a couple of hours to work quietly. I asked how much it cost and he said $75. I was furious! I yelled and said that was ridiculous and that we should not do that because we didn’t have money to spend like that. I told him he could work anywhere and didn’t need to reserve a space and pay money for it. I told him that we didn’t have money because he hadn’t worked since August. Two of my friends were there and so I was asking them that they thought of my husband renting the room, and they didn’t seem to think it was a bad idea. I was a bit embarrassed. Then Mark and I were sitting in a booth at a restaurant and this guy next to us overheard Mark and I talking about his room rental. He butted in and was taking my husband’s side. I was angry at him and told him to butt out of our business. I kept telling my husband we couldn’t afford it and we needed to spend our money on other things. Then Mark and I went to a barn. We went inside this chicken coop and an egg dropped and cracked open. I was telling Mark we shouldn’t eat the egg because it could now have germs. Yet we were thinking we didn’t want to waste that egg. Sincerely, Cheap Dear Cheap, There is a part of yourself that you are committed to (your husband) that values peace and serenity (he paid $75 for a quiet place to work). However, there is a part of you that lacks value and doesn’t see value, particularly in regards to serenity. You project your lack of value outward (blaming your husband for the lack of money). You look at this issue from other viewpoints or ways of thinking (consulting with your friends), and this part of you also thinks it is important to invest in quiet time. This causes you more inner conflict. You want to learn more about the part of you that values peace (you go to a restaurant with Mark), and yet another perspective concurs that valuing quiet time is good (the man in the restaurant who agrees with your husband). You still insist on putting value and emphasis on other things in life besides peace and serenity. You have a habitual tendency (chicken is an animal which represents habits) to focus on lack, and are afraid that there may not be any fresh knowledge for you to obtain anymore (you are tempted to eat the broken egg that has germs because you don’t trust there will be more fresh knowledge available). The dream indicates a lack mentality since you fear spending money on the room and consider eating a rotten egg out of fear that there won’t be fresh eggs. Focus on abundance and know that you can always have what you desire. Recognize that quiet time has value and helps you rejuvenate so that when you get back to work you can be even more productive. 65