May 2016 - Page 52

Since there is no guarantee in this life that we will live out our years here on earth unharmed and intact, accepting the possibilities without dwelling on them is the first step. daily, affecting countless people of all ages. There are plane and car crashes, oil spills, forest fires, hurricanes and tornadoes that dramatically change lives in an instant. With all of the potential calamities and disasters that can possibly occur in our lifetime, it may seem impossible to experience inner peace. After all, we’re human. The enemy of peace, which is fear, seems normal and is simply a natural part of life. I believe peace is what is actually natural. Although everyone may not share my view, I refuse to get caught up in mini wars in my own life, knowing many of the potential battles that exist will not bring me peace in the end. I can still be in peace even if you disagree. There is a simple habit I have developed that keeps me in a peaceful state (at least, most of the time). The key is to remember to stay in the present moment, rather than fast forward my mind to the future where fears can grow at warp speed and my peace can evaporate at the same pace. If we are living our lives in a state of gratitude and appreciation for the simple things, like fully being present and enjoying a sunset, a hot meal, a warm bed, and the freedom to go and do what we please with people we love, rather than dreading the time it will all be over, we can always enjoy peace. Fear changes nothing for the better. In contrast, it robs us of peace right now. Since you only truly have this moment, now, I encourage you to step into it, feel it, and enjoy the peace that is always waiting for you there. Eventually, with practice, fear will loosen its grip, allowing peace to simply be. Kate transitioned from a 28 year nursing career to life coaching and as a personal fulfillment workshop leader in 2001. After many years of coaching people from all walks of life, she and her business partner repeatedly heard requests from their clients to combine joy and fulfillment with leadership principles. It was that concept that led them to create their business, Triumph Leadership Group, where they focus on training teams from all sized businesses to build positive and productive cultures. Kate and her business partner, David Larson have co-authored two books, Wide Awake: Three Minutes a Day to an Inspired Life and Heartfelt Leadership: Creating a Culture of Connection. They believe when relationships don’t work, the business doesn’t work and that workers who share heartfelt connections will help business thrive on every level. 52 | Eydis Magazine