May 2016 - Page 50

T he older I become, the more committed I am to living in a state of peace. By peace, I mean inner peace since I have little to no control over the war and chaos that is present around me. Perhaps my growing commitment is due to the realization that I don’t have an endless amount of time to get my life on track and to live and feel the way I choose, which is peacefully and joyfully. At any rate, I am not willing to delay living in peace, waiting for chaos around me to cease. When I watch the news and see the exploitation of the weak and innocent, the insanity of wars between countries over borders, and the violence that occurs everywhere, I am reminded how fragile we all are living in this world. I read about innocent people gunned down in shopping malls, schools, and other public places. I hear accounts of illness, accidents, and debilitating injuries that occur 50 | Eydis Magazine Peace LIVING IN STATE by Kate Sholonski