May 2016 - Page 49

spirit continued to shine through the pain. Each and every one of us will die someday. There is no getting around it. We pretend that it won’t happen, at least not for a long time. But in truth it will happen, we just don’t know when. The reality of life and the reality of death are always moving hand in hand. It is at these times that I find myself examining and reliving moments that, though silent, were deeply meaningful. Like the time I drove my brother to yet another treatment at the infusion center, and the entire way we held hands, his grip saying all that his words could not convey. He was my brother. He was my friend. He dreamed dreams beyond what most could fathom, and he worked tirelessly to attempt to bring those dreams to fruition. He did not accomplish that task, but he never stopped trying. This past week, my dear and treasured brother, John, passed away. Surrounded by family and friends, his ever present smile and gentle wit brought a “new-ness” to his kindness, a genuineness that was pure and gentle, loving and thoughtful. He was ready, preparing to go even as his When in excess of four hundred people paid their respects, we learned of the many ways in which our brother touched the lives of others. And that woul d have made him smile, his broad, whole face smile that could light up a room. Death brings us in a new direction as we learn to navigate life without our loved one by our side. And death brings about a new understanding of the clear and certain knowing: this life is incredibly precious and how and what we do matters. Our matter matters here, and all that we do to bring goodness into our world adds value to life. Moving forward in a new direction, with clarity of mind and heart, can open the doors of opportunity in all that you encounter. Nothing happens by chance, and everything has meaning. Like it or not, you and I each have something valuable to contribute, if we only choose to do so. Finding ourselves moving forward in a new direction, we can choose to joyfully live each and every day, regardless of what we encounter. To the best of your ability: live joyfully, leave no one in a wake of unkindness, and always become increasingly aware that you too contribute to the whole. Each day is worth it. Each relationship has value. Let’s live life to the fullest; it is well worth the effort. Elaine Grohman is a speaker, author, energy healer and angel reader. She has a private practice in Farmington, MI. For appointments please contact Lainie Rubio at 248.320.6532 or visit her website at 49