May 2016 - Page 48

MOVING FORWARD IN A NEW DIRECTION by Elaine M. Grohman T he finality of death is undeniable. The palpable release of the spirit from a human body is unmistakable. The life of a loved one is gone; their presence is absent from the room. Their joyful laughter and easy charm has moved to another dimension; we are all 48 | Eydis Magazine at once filled with grief and relief. The suffering is over and a new direction must be found. Death is inevitable—it is an inevitability that we hope to steer clear of for as long as possible. But when death comes as a welcome release from pain and suffering, a new understanding is forged in our hearts and minds. We begin to examine our life with close and meaningful scrutiny. We begin to search further into the meaning of life and how the life of another comingles with our own. At the time of loss, we learn what we actually have: life, family, friendship, and love.