May 2016 - Page 44

possession will ever occupy that empty space within you. That space is longing for a deeper connection with you. Your true job is to figure out what it is that you really want to give rather than what it is you want to take. You have to dig deep and figure out what lies beneath the surface of your desires. Maybe the reason you want the “in the spotlight” job is because you really want to feel loved. Perhaps you never felt seen as a child and this is your chance to show up and off for the world. This is your chance for all the world to never ignore you again because your face is right in theirs. And while you might achieve those accolades, the truth is they either won’t last or after a while, they won’t even matter to you. 44 | Eydis Magazine You see, nothing and no one can make you feel seen, except you. Only you can really believe you are worthy of being here and no job or person will do that for you. You will find that out quickly. Choose something to do that serves people rather than yourself. In that service, you will find your joy and ultimately start seeing who you really are. I’m encouraging you to take a closer look at why you are choosing a particular path, whatever path that may be, and decide if it’s really about your love for it or for what you feel you will gain from it. So, the object of your affection just isn’t everything you had hoped for. You worked and waited so hard to be in a relationship and suddenly you find yourself still not happy. Maybe you knew all along that this wasn’t the right person, but you also knew that they had some great qualities and maybe, just maybe, you could make it work. Maybe they fed a certain part of you that felt unsatisfied. Temporarily, they will feed you but you will still find yourself yearning for more. You see, when you stop expecting others to be a certain way and you just allow them to show up as they are, then you will really know love, and a beautiful relationship will be born and flourish. Anything in between that just isn’t real. It’s not fair, it’s not honest, and it’s not love. That doesn’t mean that it won’t work out, but it might be a rockier road while the two of you try to navigate your way through it. Love flows. Sure, there are naturally some bumps along the way, but not because either of you are placing those obstacles there. Life can be challenging at times but we don’t have to make it more challenging because we are not showing up as ourselves or because we aren’t letting someone else. Something to really think about: If you find yourself unhappier in a relationship than being alone, it’s time to pack up those bags and hit the road. Scary? Sure, but not any scarier than staying somewhere where you’re feeling more alone than if you were actually alone.