May 2016 - Page 43

IS WHERE YOU ARE, WHERE YOU TRULY WANT TO BE? by Shari Alyse S ometimes things don’t go as expected. Dreams that you have seem to keep eluding you each time you try to reach out for them. The person you thought would always be there for you or simply love you the way you hoped to be loved just isn’t showing up in that way. The job you thought you wanted doesn’t hold the joy you thought it would. Everything and every person around you just doesn’t seem to hold the magic you were hoping for. So what do you do? Do you throw in the towel? Do you concede to the idea that maybe you’re just not meant to be happy and your life is not meant to be blessed like other people’s lives are? Do you start questioning your purpose in this world and start believing that perhaps you’re not worthy of having the life you desire? Maybe you’re finally at the point where it just seems easier to stop challenging yourself, lie down, and let life have its way with you. DO NOT DO IT! There are reasons why the things you want aren’t showing up the way you want them to. Disillusioned? This might sound harsh, but you might actually be deluding yourself as to what you truly want. The job you think you need in order to be happy might only be your desire because you mistakenly think it will fill some unfulfilled part of you. No job, person, or material | 43