May 2016 - Page 35

Masquerade Ball The Waiting Room I danced at the masquerade ball, Time stretches but I could feel myself drawn Suspended ache to a wilder call, away from the porcelain painted smiles, the bright lights, where no shadows fall Cradled dreams Inside wait Pierced swath Colors weave Twisted threads I felt within me a rhythmic native beat Masterpiece refusing to keep time and measure Irritants I felt joy in unplanned steps, Alchemy that rebelled from the charade Hidden gem where I no longer found pleasure Significance I longed for something tribal, something borne of the roots I could hear it call out from inside me, “Come dance, come howl at the moon!” So I threw off the mask to join the raw, ravenous life of the fearless and abandoned, beneath the moonlit night. G G G G G G G G G Inside, Out Today I will dress myself from the inside, out Opal womb World unseen Birth of form In between G G G G G G G G G One If I think myself above you, I become isolated by my mind If I feel myself beneath you, I experience loneliness of heart If I walk along beside you, Then we become as One. G G G G G G G G G The Void In royal robes, purple deep To See...become blind As sun and flowers, fragrance sweet To Hear...become deaf Joyful pleats, will I adorn Curious innocence from which I’m born A birdsong trill, escaping me Freedom sung, through sacred tree Cloak of light, no weight to bear Wind of Spirit, combs my hair As others pass, will they see... The world I wear inside of me To Speak...become silent In the formless, there is form In the space that holds nothing... You will find Everything First Light There is a gentle whisper between the waking hour, when the soft, grey light offers its moment to me before my feet hasten into the day and its proposed activities. Deep knowing forms inside the silent solitude before the world becomes cluttered by its own sounds. I honor the invitation, catch it like a firefly, a flight of illumination, dancing the motions of purpose into play. First breath, first light, I listen... Then the rise of a sun pregnant with meaning. G G G G G G G G G The Arms of Life I fell into the arms of life I opened wide the door to unknowing that long peered through the cracks of my worry I set a place at the table, where we supped in peaceful exchange I felt the calm that caresses  uncertainty, with the assurance that all will be held tight, when I can abandon the need for the knowing... And fall into the arms of life. I am a native Californian who was raised surrounded by the entertainment industry and have a passion for the arts. I have enjoyed working in children’s theater as well as teaching drama classes. Though my most important job has been as a stay at home mom for the past fifteen years, I still teach intermittent classes and study myself. I have always held a latent love for writing and finally began to put my pen to the page in the last couple of years. It has become a creative outlet for my soul, and I am grateful to Eydis Magazine for giving me a forum in which to share my voice. 35