May 2016 - Page 30

RECLAIM YOURBrain! by Sharon Carne I n last month’s article, you learned about how recorded music can effortlessly create relaxation, reduce or eliminate pain, boost your immune system, diminish depression, stimulate the natural healing ability of your body, give you peace, and so much more. This month I want to share with you how effectively specific types of music and sounds can help you reclaim your brain. Chronic stress keeps you locked in the emotional part of your brain and unplugs you from access to the logical, thinking part of your brain. It’s like being stuck in a drama queen loop with no exit! In addition, there is mounting evidence that chronic stress causes brain damage. Here’s an excerpt from the article “Chronic Stress Can Damage Brain Structure and Connectivity,” by Christopher Bergland in Psychology Today. 30 | Eydis Magazine “Chronic stress has the ability to flip a switch in stem cells that turns them into a type of cell that inhibits connections to the prefrontal cortex, which would improve learning and memory, but lays down durable scaffolding linked to anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.” Click here to read the whole article. If you are struggling with a high level of stress, extremely busy days, and too much drama, it is essential that you reduce the stress and regain access to the thinking part of your brain. To be honest with you, your sanity and your life depend on it! The U.S. Center for Disease Control has stated that more than half of all deaths of