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Talk to Tamara Tamara, the relationship whisperer, is like a walking instruction manual for all of your love, dating. and relationship questions. Ask her your burning questions and she’ll guide you in the direction that is right for you. To ask your questions go to’s home page and click on Tamara’s picture, under our “Let’s Talk” section. by Tamara Green TAMARA’S QUOTE OF THE MONTH “No one can love you more that you love yourself. You set the bar on love.” —Tamara Green, LCSW Dear Tamara I am a single woman and interested in a long-term relationship. My friends convinced me put up a profile on an online dating site. Since I’ve never done this before, can you give me an idea of what men are looking for? What are the dos and don’ts in the online dating world? Thanks, Single and Ready Dear Single and Ready Great questions! There are just as many men as women looking to find fulfilling relationships. Men are hardwired to please and be helpful. They truly want happiness for their partner. Therefore, one of the most important things 26 | Eydis Magazine to portray in your online dating profile is that you are already happy and leading an interesting and wonderful life. Subconsciously, men are looking for an approving and loving mother, so being kind, feminine, upbeat, positive, and validating in your correspondence with them and on dates are key. Did you know that online dating is the number one way that most singles find their lifetime partners? Therefore, the first on the list of “to dos” is exactly what you’re doing—get your profile up on a dating site. Here are more tips: ONLINE DATING SITE DOS: • Your profile should delight the men reading it. Give details about you that are interesting and intriguing. For example, “When we meet, remind me to tell you about my adventures in Africa.”