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have ventured to see her just a few years ago. More men are interested in spirituality now. They recognize the value in doing more soul-searching and self-exploration, and Rebecca’s work fits right in with that mindset. Many of Rebecca’s male clients are successful, professional men between the ages of sixty and seventy, and have had very lucrative careers. “These men have all the money and all the material comforts one could ask for, yet they are empty inside,” conveys Rebecca. They are searching for somethi ng more; they believe there has to be more to life than what they have achieved in terms of career and assets. “The Millennials—young men in their twenties—are very open and I get a lot of them,” she adds. Believers and Nonbelievers I asked Rebecca if she ever gets attacked or diminished by people who do not believe that what she does is real. Rebecca does not get attacked all that often anymore. If it ever happens, she certainly does not take it personally. She sees it as she is simply threatening their belief system. “It’s definitely out there, but the longer I do this, the less I get attacked,” she shares. “There are people out there in my line of work who operate with no integrity and are doing it for the wrong reasons,” Rebecca admits. “They are not the real deal, but you can find that in any profession.” She believes there are really two reasons that there are fewer nonbelievers now. Number one, the world is becoming more open-minded. This was certainly not the “in” or “sexy” thing twenty years ago when she started. She was called a fake more often back then and it took a lot of courage for her at the young age of nineteen and twenty to step out and communicate with dead people. Now, it is more acceptable and a curious thing that many people want to understand and know more about. Number two is credibility. “Time speaks for itself. I have done so many readings and so much work publicly,” Rebecca describes. It is hard to discount the success and her loyal following. Her readings, radio shows, TV shows, private readings, and her most powerful source: word of mouth. Now when people come to Rebecca for a reading, they already have a sense of what she does and they already believe because she is established and well-known. REBECCA’S READINGS Group readings are typically two hours and Rebecca will do two hours of audience readings or she will do an hour of group lecture and an hour of audience readings. “I always incorporate the readings. The work speaks for itself,” she reports. “You can come in a cold skeptic; that’s fine. Just let me show you what this looks like and what is possible, and then decide.” She has had too many people walk away enlightened and transformed by her work to not be able to make that statement with the utmost confidence. “It’s incredible because in the beginning, I was just like those skeptics, just like any normal person who didn’t know she had this power, then one day I hear my dead grandma talk to me. Of course, you are going to think you are crazy—until twenty years later; it has been so consistent and I have had so much opportunity to see that this is very real.” For more information about Rebecca, her books, readings and other information, visit 23