May 2016 - Page 18

Rebecca’s business has grown considerably since her time in Michigan. She now has a team of five or six people, including an intern. They handle her administrative needs, scheduling, technology issues, etc. She is quick to say that what she does is impossible without them. “This is more than just my job,” she confides. “This work is my opportunity to empower other people to tap into their own abilities. This is my passion. I can demonstrate that this is real and then show others how they can do it themselves.” We all have intuitive powers. Rebecca’s method helps people to hone their intuition and get better at identifying and listening to it. We are all born with five physical senses that we are familiar with; we are also born with a sixth sense. “I know without a doubt that we all have the ability to go within ourselves and connect with that voice and what people don’t 18 | Eydis Magazine