May 2016 - Page 17

by Mary Meldrum B orn and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Rebecca Rosen went to the University of Florida and graduated with a degree in advertising. During that time, Rebecca’s father had moved to Birmingham, Michigan, so following her graduation she moved to Royal Oak, Michigan to be closer to him. It was while she was in college that Rebecca discovered her abilities as a medium. When she arrived in Michigan, she got a job as a nanny and began playing around and testing her ability. Rebecca found a small coffee shop where the owner allowed her to do readings for free. She met with people and helped them to communicate with loved ones who had passed. “I was very insecure at that time and I wanted to see if this really worked. I was doing it for fun, more or less, until I realized that what I was doing was not a game,” she shares. “This was really affecting people in a positive way. So that is when I got serious about it.” Rebecca rented an office in the Washington Square building in Royal Oak and began to do readings. Photo by Kwame Johnson “That was a long time ago,” Rebecca smiles. “So much has happened since then.” That was about twenty years ago. Back then, after just three years in Michigan, Rebecca moved to Los Angeles. She now resides in Denver, Colorado. REBECCA NOW Rebecca is currently pregnant with her third child. Together with her husband, their blended family boasts five children with the sixth one due any day now. And in case anyone thinks they have a full carpool, you would be right. Rebecca’s children are ages seven, thirteen, and she has three—yes three—11-year-olds. “This pregnancy was not planned, but it is so divine,” Rebecca expresses. “I was told by so many psychics that I was going to have a little girl, and I kept saying, nope, not happening. But she found her way in. It’s a girl!” 17