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The Insider's Guide to Pet Exercise

To keep your pet healthy and happy, exercising is a very important part of their daily routine.

Walks alone does not give enough exercise for your pet. Your pet needs to burn the calories it eats or he/she will get fat. Your pet needs to stretch their muscles. Jumping and running is a part of their life.

A good thirty-minute workout not only helps your pet stay healthy, it reduces stress, anxiety and bad behavior.

Here are some quick ideas on helping your pet stay fit and trim.

Jogging - Not only does it reduces stress, but you will have a great partner to jog with.

Playing Sports- (Fetch, Catch) will give your pet a sense of achievement and great tracking skills.

Climbing Stairs- Gives your pet agility and muscle tone.

As always, please remember to have plenty of water handy for your pet.

On an average, a dog will drink between 8.5 to 17 ounces of water per 10 pounds of weight - meaning a 90-pound dog needs 76.5 ounces of water per day.

Please do not forget to praise your dog with treats for a job well done.

Pet Insurance - Is it worth it?

When looking for pet insurance you need to know the basic.

1. The amount of the monthly premium.

2. Does it cover pre-existing conditions?

3. How much is your deductible?

4. Does it covers regular visits to the Veterinarian?

5. Is there a waiting period for coverage?

6. Is there a co-payment involved?

7. Can you customize your coverage for your pet?

8. Do you get multiple discounts for 2 or more pets?

9. Are claims handle immediately, or do you have a time allowance?

10. What is the maximum age of your pet to qualify for insurance?

As you can see, it is basically the same as when you are applying for insurance? Some companies will not insure a pet if they are over 5 years old; since they may consider the pet to be too old. Others may have great benefits but, will lack in other areas.

When you are looking for pet insurance, it is best to get it when your pet is young, that way you will be able to get the maximum benefits and lower premiums for your pet. A dog or cat in years will be more of a risk factor with Veterinarian bills being so expensive. The preventive care is the key to keeping your pet healthy, happy, and injury free. Sometimes it is best to save for vaccination and shots.

The good thing is you can go to any veterinarian of your choosing. Pay your Vet/ then file a claim and get reimbursed for their services. Please remember on an average, the insurance premium is about $50 dollars a month. Zero deductible and its renewable on a yearly basis, so choose wisely and what you can afford. The life of your pet depends on it.

Here are the Top 5 Pet Insurance Company based on the 2016 Consumer Advocate Poll:

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Pet Plan



Pet Best

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