Max & Friends September 2016 - Page 11

Fun Pet Facts

Would you believe that…

1. ... The most popular name for dogs according to a recent survey is Max! Other names that are popular with dogs include Molly, Sam, Zach, and Maggie

2. …While cats can see in color and can distinguish between red, green, blue, yellow, and gray, dogs have the same red/green blindness as people! An orange ball on a grassy lawn appears as green.

3. … With identical slow wave speed and rapid eye movement, dogs dream the same way humans do! One sign of a dog dreaming is twitching

4. … Cats will almost never meow at another cat! They only meow at their human owners to get attention.

5. … Dogs can hear sounds that humans can’t! Because dogs rely more on sound than sight, they can sense danger before humans become aware of them.

6. … Cats have better memories than dogs! According to a survey done by the University of Michigan, cats’ memories last 16 hours, compared to only 5 minutes for dogs.

7. … Due to their eye coordination and balance organs located in their inner ear, cats can land on all fours! They straighten themselves while in the air and land on all four paws!

8. … Just like humans, cats can be either lefties or righties! In fact, more than 40 percent of cats are ambidextrous (meaning they are lefties and righties)

9. … Most kittens are blue-eyed at birth! With age, the eyes of many cats change.

10. … Like humans, dogs show agitation and sometimes jealously when they see other dogs getting treats and attention while they are being ignored!


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