Masters of Health Magazine September 2018 - Page 98

An excerpt from the book

“There is a place deep within your heart that knows no sorrow, no doubt, no exhaustion, no desire, no fulfillment, no restlessness. It is the region of silent presence that knows no abandonment or hurt.

In that ocean of peace, bliss and love there is nothing left to be understood, nobody to forgive, nothing to feel ashamed of.

It is the place that has burnt all shame, fear, anger and lust to ashes. It is forever free from thoughts, mental constructs and imaginations of any kind.

That is who you truly are, my brothers and sisters, that is who I am and who all beings are in their essence. This is also the innermost nature of our once-upon-a-time enemy. It is the One space that now embraces all. Everything has now entered into me, the me that knows no boundary.

Salutations to that Being! Salutations to that Being in all!”

Prem Sadasivananda

Background music by Prem SadaSivananda. "Windows to the Soul "CD. Arrangements/Recording by Jorge Alfano,

“In all the many years I’ve known him, I’ve always known Prem Sadasivananda to walk his talk. Like any true disciple he has taken the advice of his gurus to heart and has tried to live it, and now he has collected gems from that advice, adapted them to modern conditions, and created from them this book to assist those who are trying to modify their lives for the better. The information offered is practical, and the core message straightforward: every positive action you perform assists in your personal transformation; keep moving forward and you are bound to eventually succeed. May it be so, for all sentient beings! Om Namah Sivaya! “

– Dr Robert Svoboda, Doctor of Ayurveda, the author of twelve books including Prakriti: Your Ayurvedic Constitution.

· Understand the nature of your thoughts and how to transform them.

··Become the architect of your own destiny.

··Find happiness by harnessing the limitless powers of

the mind.

··Discover the foundation for building a successful life based on spiritual principles.

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