Masters of Health Magazine September 2018 - Page 96

We have heard many times that we are the masters of our destiny. I do hope that this powerful statement brings you all the hope and courage you need to bring about the changes for the better in your life, one small step at the time. The days of the old mistaken ways of such thinking and believing that turned many hopes into broken dreams, traded the beauty of life with fear of the same, and created numerous weaklings, brought about depression, shame, the feeling of inadequacy in the hearts of many are quickly disappearing. We have all lived the life of dread due to the old paradigm that somehow claimed that other sources and beings, rather than ourselves, create, mend or mar our lives. Today try to think like a lion or a lioness! Life opportunities are all yours for having!

We don’t need reminders of our weaknesses, faults and failures; we need the reminders of the truth of the power of our spirit that lies deep within us and that we are meant for the highest accomplishments. Say good-bye to the relentless thoughts of guilt and shame that crowd your mind, and let your contrite heart open wide!

Our modern time necessitates a new way of thinking; it calls for a positive and practical philosophy that breathes in the fire of aspiration, optimism and self-reliance. Through and with the help of our most cherished thoughts we either create our possibilities, positive conditions and strengths or, when veiled by ignorance, our suffering and weaknesses. What is the way of out of slavery to our thoughts and emotions? It is through mastery of our own mind.

The philosophy that we are the authors of our life is indeed the most liberating. It gives us the impetus to strive onward for perfection and freedom. Thought is the originator of this vast universe. Right understanding of the mind is the key to having peace of mind, success in life and in our relationships. The mind, when cultivated properly, becomes our best friend and guide.

But how does that mastery of the mind come about?

Just as you make a ‘To Do’ list every day, so also we need to have a plan or a program for training of our mind. In simple words we need to discipline the mind.

Let us first give define the word discipline.

Discipline is the ability to translate our visions, dreams and intentions into palpable reality, making them our own experience. Discipline is not a hard-task master; it is the process of unifying the heart and mind in a common pursuit. Discipline requires that we forego the lesser for the higher, committing to a higher goal that will ultimately blossom into our strength and power. This is of utmost importance for success on the spiritual path. Discipline is not a straightforward, always upward path.



"The mind must be trained first. Before that, you will find the same world anywhere you go. "

Swami Sivananda