Masters of Health Magazine September 2018 - Page 85

“We are like the hummingbird seeking the nectar of a flower and the flower having given it, then turns and grows toward the light of the sun. It is illusion that there is separation. Once we unify the different parts of ourselves, we can come out of the shadows and dance….When we choose to focus our attention on beauty, on the good that is within and around us, when we focus on the feelings we get when we experience ‘magical events,’ when we let grace come into our hearts, then we can truly dance”

[Prologue, page I]

Author Thea Keats Beaulieu has written an enchanting book based upon the work of Isadora Duncan which presents the concept of creative transformation using dance as metaphor for issuing forth flow, style, ease and grace. The author is a 4th generation Isadora Duncan dance protégé who believes in living a life of gratitude using dance movement as her muse:

“Dancing is like breathing, essential to life, it feeds our soul and makes us happy. It connects us to the collective untold beauties of nature, and gives us purpose and a mission that fills a void, that fills our hearts” [Prologue, page ii].

This book will leave you uplifted, boosting both your physical energy and your spirits! Thea utilizes language in a way that “touches” and resonates with your inner Being as she provides readers with her version of what life is all about and how wonderful it is to live fully into the present moment:

The book is also a lovely tribute to the 5 elements—Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth—based upon Aruyvedic Medicine principles and the work of Dr. Randolph Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy. The author teaches and shows you through beautify photos how to develop a kinesthetic awareness of and for each of the elements. The techniques demonstrated help you to grasp how helpful it is to begin paying attention to how you feel when you move; whether dancing, walking, sitting or lying down so that you develop a more sophisticated proprioceptive capacity [knowing where and how your body is positioned in space].

This book is a wonderful gift to readers of all ages and learning styles. When you put this book down, you should have a huge smile on your face!

Robert “Bob” Wright, Jr.,


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