Masters of Health Magazine September 2018 - Page 84

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Journey through the Color Worlds consists of seven imaginative adventure stories that explore the elemental qualities of the color spectrum.

Each color story teaches lessons for learning and practical daily exercises to help you increase your self-esteem, communication skills and creative expression, so that every moment of your daily life can attract and magnify the experiences that you want.

Color has the ability to effect our moods, health, spiritual and mental well-being. In Journey Through The Color Worlds, you will become a Color Traveler and discover how to expand the limits of your imagination by using visualizations, metaphors and daily exercises in order to develop practical life skills.

You will learn new ways to appreciate all the wonderful things you do have and how to create those things in your life that you want more of.

You are now entering a magical world of color, a magical world where animals and humans take on special qualities. Each color magnifies a world, a way of being with yourself in a new way.

It creates deeper understandings with the part of ourselves that strives towards what’s best for us and the people around us.

This book can be used at home, with yourself and your friends, or it can be used in the classroom as an adjunct to learning.

Choose one color or a combination of colors that best describes the qualities you want to have more of in your life right now. Then go to the chapter on your color in the book and learn specific exercises you can do to develop more of the qualities you want.

Enjoy your journey through the color worlds!

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