Masters of Health Magazine September 2018 - Page 65

In Isaiah 22:22 it says, “I will place on his shoulders the Keys of David, and what he opens, no man can shut; and what he shuts, no man can open.” As I have been working with the Psalms of David music, I have come to appreciate the beautiful chord progressions and music that is hidden withing each of the Psalms. As I have shared this music around the world, the feedback I am receiving is testimony to the wonderful affects this music has to calm and restore. The Hebrew word is “Shalom” and I believe that this music that comes from the Psalms is a “Key” to receiving this Shalom. I have recorded these Psalms in longer meditations so that you can just soak in the music and the frequencies and receive this Shalom.

I pray that you will be blessed.

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This CD is my most recent. It is recorded in 528Hz tuning and it was designed to be background music for meditation, reading and study, therapy, or even just helping you get to sleep.

There are 4 compositions about 15 minutes each and they help to set up a very peaceful atmosphere.

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Harp Meditations

Click play to listen to Track 1 –

Peaceful Repose


I have many people asking me how to learn to play the harp. So, I have set up free

lessons, which can be found on YouTube at the link below:

There is also a link to these lessons on my website:

I also invite people to email me if they want some guidance on what to look for in purchasing a harp to begin their journey of learning how to play the harp.

I really want to see more harps and harpists joining the ranks of playing calming harp

music for their personal enjoyment and the enrichment of those who hear them.

Let’s grow a “Calming Revolution!”