Masters of Health Magazine September 2018 - Page 50

Fluoride exposure causes neurochemical and biochemical changes in the brains of laboratory animals (Li 2003; NRC 2006). Fluoride also increases the production of free radicals in the brain (Chouhan 2008; Zhang 2007; Zhang 2008). Studies of rats exposed to fluoride compounds reported distortions of brain cells and neuronal deformations, and neurodegeneration (Bhatnagar 2002; Shivashankara 2002; Varner 2002). These neurobiological effects are associated with developmental delays, behavioural problems, and possibly dementia in late adulthood (NRC 2006).

Both glyphosate and fluoride bind up and inhibit magnesium – thereby inhibiting enzyme activity and cell respiration. If you are drinking fluoridated water or beverages and eating foods tainted with glyphosate it is a very dangerous combination leading to the build-up of a toxic metal cocktail, which stifles energy production, causing degeneration and cell death.

Mineral Ion Imbalance and Liver Damage

According to Juan Tang et al, mineral ion imbalance is involved in the oxidative damage to liver caused by glyphosate exposure.

“These results suggested that glyphosate caused obvious damage to rats' liver and caused various mineral elements content imbalances in various organs of rats. Ion imbalance could weaken antioxidant capacity.” [10]

Magnesium and Chloride – Essential for Shikimate Metabolism

The seven enzymes of the Shikimate metabolic pathway in bacteria, fungi and plants are dependent on magnesium and chloride ions. “Magnesium influences the conformation of the shikimate hydroxyl groups and the position of the side chains of some of the residues of the active site. Chloride seems to influence the affinity of ADP and its position in the active site and the opening length of the LID domain.” [11]

This is supported by another study which demonstrated that magnesium is essential for the gut microbiome and that a magnesium-restricted diet induces anxiety and depressive-like behaviour in humans and rodents. [12]

Supporting the Body to defend Against the Chemicals

The contamination of our environment and food supply by glyphosate working synergistically with heavy metals like aluminium and chemicals like fluoride, could turn out to be the worst environmental disaster in the history of humanity (that was self-inflicted).

Although we cannot realistically avoid all possible exposures to glyphosate, fluoride and heavy metals, as they are now so ubiquitous in the environment and food supply (unlabelled), we can do our best to avoid GMP crops which are certain to contain glyphosate and we can purchase (or grow) organic foods wherever possible. Make sure to read ingredients of any brand of herbicide if you intend to use one in your garden or lawns because many of them can contain glyphosate.

We can also get a fluoride filter (reverse osmosis or ion-exchange), but make sure to add the electrolytes back into the water to re-mineralise and alkalise.