Masters of Health Magazine September 2018 - Page 32

Lady Carla Davis, MPH

Specializing in Nutrition

Vegetables For Children:

Broccolini Sauce

Vegetables provide vital nutrients for people of all ages; but especially for growing children. But, as any parent well knows, it is not always easy to convince a child to eat their vegetables. One of best ways to overcome this obstacle is to blend the vegetable into a sauce with a hand or stick blender. Not only are sauces more palatable for children, but they also add color, flavor, fiber, and nutrients to a meal. Sauces can be added to starchy side dishes, such as gluten-free pasta, potatoes, or rice; or to meat dishes, such as chicken, beef, or lamb.

If they are made with a few natural ingredients, and not too rich or salty, most children will love the taste. Some of the natural ingredients that can be used to enhance the flavor, depending on the vegetable, are: garlic (clove or powdered), herbs, unsalted butter or extra virgin olive or flax seed oil, and a small pinch of Celtic seasalt.

Broccolini is a good vegetable to start with. Either fresh broccolini (preferred choice), or fresh or frozen broccoli florets can be used. Plus, this sauce is quick and easy to make.

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Below is a delicious green sauce recipe from the Nourishing Basics Cook Book, by this author, which can be found at: