Masters of Health Magazine September 2018 - Page 13


Science is making progress in providing scientific evidence about the effects of light and lighting in our health, wellbeing and wellness. And, as with any progress, societal implications begin to arise. How are we going to deal with the new possibilities of improving workers performance in offices and industries? At the end, the effect of manipulating light may be similar to manipulating water and adding energizing substances.

So, do we need people authorization to do it? Are we going to pay them more for achieving more? Perhaps more vacation time, shorter working weeks? We have to put human health and wellbeing in the ROI equation.


Finally, I am very proud to have been involved in the conception, design and implementation of a radically new lighting system for a sacred space. The efforts have been recognized by the IES (illuminating engineering society) at the 2018 illumination awards with an award of merit, and Casambi, the controls manufacturer from Finland, has also recognized our work highlighting it at their website. Spirituality is the major step in human evolution, and light can also play a role at this level.


Delos (Asia) Office,

Beijing ShiBeijing, China