Masters of Health Magazine September 2018 - Page 121

The author has created musical rainbow gardens featuring the sounds of color rays along with channeled energy of masters and angels, to amplify the color healing process (Contacting Angels & Masters CD). Meditating on the color rays with their corresponding sounds allows you to ingest the colors of the rainbow in a calming and masterful manner! Included in this body of information is the relationship of colors to personality traits, good habits and physical health. Practical applications of this information include things like imagining your liver in a red light to tune it and associating red with an action oriented person.

Also related to colors are astrological signs. Not only may a zodiac sign describe your personality, your sign often relates to your fundamental color. Some people learn several rays (fundamental colors) within a lifetime, and their birth color may shift. Most people radiate their birth color for their entire life.

If you love your birth color it is most likely your fundamental color. Occasionally a person’s primary color will shift during the course of a life time. Your fundamental color will be one that you love and are attracted to – more so than the other colors.

A deeper understanding about the energy and information within colors is revealed by studying complementary colors. Not only do complementary colors look good for decorating, but the vibrational math of the colors reveals that they balance each other. Think of a see saw in which the seats are painted complementary colors. When one colored seat is high, the other is low. When you have too much red energy, lower it with the color green. In another use of this information, if you feel “green with envy,” then wear red to temper that emotion!