Masters of Health Magazine September 2018 - Page 120

Finally, full spectrum light exposure helps those with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a condition believed to be caused by insufficient light exposure through the eyes to the hypothalamus, thence onto the pituitary gland, which controls the endocrine system. In these documented cases, light affects us physicality. It follows that each color of light has a different impact. If you had a nasty sunburn, wouldn’t it be more soothing to be with in icy blue lighting than red hot lights?

Two modern pioneers of color healing were Edwin Babbitt and Dinshah Ghadiale. The Dinshah Health Society offers a color-spectrum-based health system. This system has been in use since 1920, and was used in a major medical center in Philadelphia for many years. This system utilizes simple, low-powered lamps and color filters to counter particular physical problems.

Color healing is predicated on the belief that the chemical elements radiate a frequency resonant with the color spectrum. For example, the prevailing corresponding color wave of hydrogen is red, and that of oxygen is blue. Each organ has resonance with a color wavelength. The liver is believed to radiate energy that is an octave of red, the pituitary green, the spleen violet, the circulatory system magenta and lymphatic system yellow (Dinshah information).

When a particular organ or body system is underactive, its energy has decreased, so an energizing color is projected on the skin near the organ (sometimes the entire body). If a system is overactive (for example fever), the remedy is the opposite, and a depressing color is used. Everything on the red side of the spectrum is more or less stimulating, while the blue portion is sedating. Color therapy was used in ancient times. If someone was depressed he would wear red, eat red food and be surrounded by the color red. If he was stressed, he would immerse himself in calming blue.

In antiquity we find many stories of angelic beings and ascended masters who are categorized according to the “rays.” Their ray is described as a color. For example, Arch Angel Michael is associated with blue, and St. Germain is linked to the color violet. Ancient masters maintain that a color ray relates to emotions, thoughts and physicality. When one ascends to become a higher level being than a human, he must first master the rays of all colors. After that is achieved, he “specializes” in a color, which translates that he specialized in certain emotions and thoughts. The chart below shows some of the ancient “Mystery School” correspondences with color rays.

Different avatars, such as Jesus or Buddha, came to Earth to demonstrate mastery in a certain “ray.” Jesus is associated with yellow, while Buddha links to the color green. Each one of us also radiates a predominate color, representing our life lessons and personality.