Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 93

Mantra - The Sounds Of Power

We have all witnessed the power of our mind, both, positive or negative. We may say that the basic nature of thought is that of vibration and that the thought or the mind is made up of an extremely fine substance. The mind, at any given time, vibrates at the certain level.

There are many methods for lifting the vibration of the mind into a more positive state or even the meditative state, and one of the most powerful methods is through sound vibration which can include either an audible sound such as that of music or through the repetition of a sacred sound or a mantra.

There are many meditation techniques available. Meditation practice generally involves concentration either on the breath, or an uplifting image and/or a repetition of a sacred name of the Lord, or the mantras.

Yoga is a generic name for many different paths among which the yoga of sound (nada yoga), or mantra yoga (also called the Japa Yoga) are the most common. The mantras have been used for thousands of years as a way of reaching the highest perfection. A mantra carries within its sound vibrations a special energy; Japa simply means repetition of a mantra. Upon the repetition of the mantra the mind is lifted from the ordinary state of consciousness to the telepathic and ultimately transcendental state of meditation. A mantra acts like a ladder to take one beyond the mind.

The mantras used in yoga are Sanskrit mantras. Sanskrit is the oldest language in the world; all other languages are directly or indirectly connected to or derived from Sanskrit. Its structure and sound vibration is linked to the root energies behind the creation and it is closely associated with the highest states of consciousness.

A mantra acts like a ladder to take one beyond the mind...