Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 9

People can’t hear it, but their bodies can sing sweet songs - too low in volume for them to hear. Even this invisible version of their song made them feel a little better.

Did they hear a subtle soft song? Their song? They experimented with being still (meditating) and they began to hear their song ever so softly. They weren’t even aware they were hearing it, but the soft vibrations lifted their moods and health, inch by inch.

They hummed and played around with sounds until they started to sing again – any song. By singing, they remembered bits and pieces of their voice, their verse in the uni-verse… their song. Their voice literally improved – becoming thicker, resonant, deeper and higher all at once.

They used more tones that comprised their original song! They sensed the invisible echo of who they were - divine music. When they sang, hundreds, thousands and millions of individual harmonies rang like church bells, dropping musical snowflakes on everyone – leaving hints of their original beauty everywhere they went.

They joined with other groups that were remembering their song as well. And they sang happily ever after, as they united with greater and greater songs, singing their way back to One Song!