Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 8

In the beginning was a song. ...

The song was absolutely beautiful – like invisible colors painting the sky in a translucent and uplifting way. The song sang to itself. All day and all night.

Alas, the song got bored after many repeats of its song-beauty, so it experimented with different tunes. At first there were little variations in the melody, rhythm and harmony. The next thing you know, there were sweeping musical changes.

The songs seemed to take on a life of their own. Songs that were similar - enjoyed each other’s company and formed groups. The song-groups created genres, creating happy music, exhilarating feelings and peaceful energies. The songs played with each other – like duets & bands, exchanging notes and echoing the feelings found in the music.

The creativity continued. Ideas were pushed and stretched. Each new step was a daring new sound! Finally, sad songs were born, something that never happened when they were All One. They even morphed into nasty sounds and songs.

The songs forgot they were One-Song, a uni-verse. They identified with their last song-creation only. After a while they got tired of singing all together and tried exchanging energies – similar to talking. Before you know it, they forgot their own songs, because they forgot to sing.

Without their songs, their energies became heavy and sticky, eventually transferring into dense matter. At first the conscious song-energy occupied minerals and rocks, and eons later, plants and ultimately animals, and finally the beautiful songs evolved into the souls of man. The songs-of-the-universe now occupied physical bodies. They desired to experience the pleasures of touching, tasting, sex and more. They became trapped in their “bodies”.

The soul-song made their physical bodies happy and healthy. Without their soul’s song, their bodies became sick. Many even died, so the soul-songs reentered a new and unique, physical bodies. Sometimes the journey in each body was for a very short amount of time.

In each adventure, the soul-songs searched for something, but they couldn’t remember what it was. They forgot their songs and experienced sticky dissonance instead. Not only did people forget their songs, but they believed they were their physical bodies. Oh, so silly!

Weed killer (such dissonant sounds) was sprayed on plants, which people ate. Their food was modified in mass quantities and it slowly became cheaper “nonfood” and it clogged up their harmony chains. They ate dissonance without being aware of what was happening. People ate poisonous medicine, smelled toxic fumes and were radiated with cell phone and computer signals – full of nasty sounds.

Their bodies were like radio stations, broadcasting gloom and doom music. Slowly people entered a stupor. They spoke with dissonant mumbling and this rippled throughout their being.

A few avoided the toxic chemicals, and unnatural radiations. Their bodies began to sing a little.

The Most Important Thing that you Forgot!