Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 47

And the only way to be experience love at this level is to have the courage to practice what I call Radical Emotional Nudity.

To do so, we must be brave enough to expose our deepest self, warts and all, and leap off the ledge of emotional safety into the arms of those who love you and allow them to hold you in this vulnerable place.

When you take the leap, and are caught, your wilted soul will now bloom like a beautiful flower…and you will feel healed, lovable and connected.

At this point, the desire to bring this love and healing to those closest to you will also blossom within you. As you bring this same gift of holding to others, your sense of connection will expand as you experience deeply intimate and real connection through relationships.

To fully eliminate the sense of disconnection, I invite you to also resume your relationships with those in spirit, and allow the reconnection to fill you with the overflowing well of love and healing from source.

In this new state of total connection to those on earth and spirit planes, any plaguing sense of emptiness will effortlessly dissolve and be replaced by a sense of vibrancy and joy.

Here’s the beauty of this process. Each intimate relationship is a pebble waiting to be cast into proverbial love pond. The rings of love and connection that we create in our intimate relationships span out, creating energetic vibrational rings that can heal and unify the world and our planet.

As your relationships become an endless fountain of love, you will awaken each day with a joyful song in your heart, a song that echoes back into the eternal well of love.

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