Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 46

Do you feel something vital is missing in your life?

Maybe your work doesn't bring you joy…

Or you’re feeling lonely and unloved…

Or maybe you're secretly jealous of others..


Millions of people--even those who are successful and surrounded by people who love them--still feel empty.

In the wee hours of the morning, when lying in bed, you can’t lie to yourself.

Nor can you escape the aching sense that something profound is lacking in your life…a harrowing hollowness that echoes to the cosmos as your soul cries out: something drastic is missing.

Instead of rising each morning with a sense of joy, excitement, vibrancy and wondrous anticipation of the miracles that the coming day will bring, you drag your weary bones from bed to boardroom—or bored room!

Is this emptiness due to a lack of real purpose or calling in life?

Or is the source of the sorrow more profound?

Could this pain stem from a deep sense that your soul is lacking a vital substance that is as central to your survival as air and water?

What is the real source of this epidemic ennui?

The root cause of this global discontent and disease is disconnection...

At our core, humans crave emotional connection. And being disconnected from the love of oneself and others is the source of the sorrow that cries out from the deepest depth of our souls.

And, believe it or not, getting naked is the cure. No, I’m not talking about dropping trou.

I’m talking about getting Radically Emotionally Naked...and connecting with others from your core.

This is the only cure for the deep feeling of disconnection that plagues humanity.

Life on the earth plane is our love lab.

And relationships are the stage upon which this laboratory lives.

Sadly, so many of us were raised by parents who neglected and abused us. This heritage leaves us feeling deeply ashamed of who we are and unworthy of love.

So, we live our lives in the shadows, hiding our true selves from others. This is why we feel so alone and disconnected.

To heal the disconnection, we must experience what it feels like to be loved to the bottom of our soul.

Getting Emotionally Naked:

The REAL Cure

for the Epidemic Emptiness

that Plagues Humanity