Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 45

Known to millions as Dr. Love via her Love Never Dies radio show, which was number one on the Hay House radio network for many years, Dr. Turndorf offers otherworldly insight, wisdom and a keen ability to see into the soul’s depths and root out the core causes of disease and discontent.

Dr. Jamie is the only media expert who is not only a healer and medium, but also a real doctor who holds a Ph.D. in psychology.

Three times in her life, she has experienced a ‘close call’ with bodily death as lightning strikes came dangerously close to her at the time of her birth and, later, while vacationing with her husband in Italy.

The lightning strike during her gestation was the impetus for her birth three months early. Throughout the first 10 years of her life, she suffered a deliriously high fever, which held her in a state of grace that has enabled her to dip into divine wisdom at will throughout her life and her career.

Her life took a shocking turn 13 years ago, when Jean Pin, her beloved husband of nearly 30 years (who the Dalai Lama named as one of the 50 men of all time who was one with God) was torn from her due to a fatal bee sting. She soon realized Jean is literally with her and continues his work through her.

She tells her amazing story and introduces her groundbreaking Trans-Dimensional Grief Resolution method in her no. 1 international Hay House bestseller, Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased.

Working with Dr. Turndorf extends beyond a traditional “reading” with a medium. Dr. Turndorf is a highly sensitive, skilled doctor with 35 years of experience at helping people transform their lives.

Her new Energetic System Upgrade method will guide you to discover boundless love, healing and prosperity in every aspect of your life.

Dr. Turndorf is a frequent keynote speaker and workshop leader at the world’s top venues, such as Agape International, 1440 Multiversity, NY Open Center, Rythmia and Kripalu.

Instagram: /drjamieturndorf

Facebook: /drjamieturndorf

Twitter: @askdrlove

"Dr. Turndorf's new therapeutic techniques are amazing. She shows us the way to heal our

hearts and find lasting love."

-- John Gray,

Author of NY Times #1 bestseller

Men Are from Mars,

Women Are from Venus