Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 37

by Lady Carla Davis, MPH

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Singing produces oxytocin and many other beneficial hormones that are very healing and rejuvenating for the heart. Sing this as much as possible. Learn more about the benefits of singing in MOH December 2018 issue, featuring Silvia Nakkach, and at: &

And, be sure to see the MOH April 2019 issue, featuring Karen Atkins:

NATURE, GARDEN, & ARCHITECTURE: Nature is immensely healing and comforting, especially when recovering from an illness, trauma, loss of a loved one, or a broken heart. Connect with nature on a daily basis. Do earthing often. Connecting with the earth with your bare feet helps to calm and relax the body. The heart loves it! People who work or spend long periods of time outdoors (gardeners, artists, photographers) generally live longer. Gardening is a great way to exercise, create beauty with flowers, grow healthy food (fruits, vegetables, and herbs). Just looking at beautiful gardens and flowers makes a person feel happy, which in turn is good for the heart. Learn how to grow your own food in the April 2017 issue of MOH that featured Marjory Wildcraft: and explore:

The same is true with beautiful Architecture. Most modern architecture is an assault on the human physiology. Looking at and living in beautiful geometrically balanced architecture secrets various hormones that are very beneficial for the heart. Look at what architect J. Robert Barnes is doing:

See the 2 min. cymatics video at: