Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 36

When you sleep your body repairs and replenishes hormones. During long, deep periods of rest, certain chemicals are activated that help normalize blood pressure and heart rate. As Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, ten-time #1 NYTimes Best Selling author, stated, “Poor quality sleep has become all too common in our stressed-out, super-busy, hyper-caffeinated, modern world.” Follow his “Five Tips For better Sleep” in the MOH October 2018 issue.

Low Blue Light glasses can be bought at:

The Traditionalists (Fitover) are a good choice because they can be worn over reading glasses. Both the amber polycarbonate glasses and low blue light bulbs are very effective for making you feel drowsy and helping to get a good night’s sleep.

When suffering from jet-lag, disruption of your sleep pattern, or being over tired and trying to fall asleep, Melatonin, is a very helpful supplement to help you have a good night’s sleep.

ESSENTIAL OILS, MASSAGE, REFLEXOLOGY: Don’t underestimate the healing power and value of Essential Oils for heart health and happiness. They are effective, easy to use, and have no side effects. To learn more, read the MOH April 2018 issue, which featured Dr. Eric and Mama Z and the interview with Monique on The Value of Essential Oils: (CA)

Massage therapy and Reflexology are two additional methods that can greatly benefit your heart and sense of wellbeing.

EXERCISE, DANCE, SWIM, WALK, HORSE/BIKE RIDE, JUMP ROPE: Do what ever physical exercise you enjoy! Dancing to music produces oxytocin and other beneficial hormones that are very healing and rejuvenating for the heart. Do this as much as possible. Participating in outdoor activities and connecting with nature help to relieve stress and maintain a healthy heart and normal blood pressure. Avoid smoking or heavy alcohol use. Yoga, tai chi, qi gong are all excellent heart healthy forms of exercise that reduce stress and benefit the heart. The exercises on this site are short and easy for everyone to do:

MUSIC, FREQUENCIES, SINGING: Music is the universal language. It has been around in every culture since the beginning of time, and for good reason. Quality music with certain frequencies has a very beneficial effect on the heart and other organs. Play an instrument, sing, and/or listen to beautiful quality music. Teach this to your children at an early age. Children who play an instrument have better right/left brain development. The frequency and rhythm of waltz and harp music have a very healing and beneficial effect on the heart. Listen to this kind of music, and music that makes you feel happy, as much as possible. To learn more about the benefits of various musical frequencies (528 Hz and 432 Hz, etc), read the MOH May 2017 issue featuring Dr. Len Horowitz; How Music Affects You, by Steve Rees, in the October 2018 issue; plus articles by 2018 Person of the Year, Silvia Nakkach (Dec 2018) and Harpist, Steve Rees in the 2018 and 2019 issues of MOH:, &

Your voice tells a lot about the health of your heart and the rest of your body. To learn more, check out the MOH August 2018 issue, featuring the pioneering work of Sharry Edwards: &