Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 34



Part 2

by Lady Carla Davis, MPH

Specializing in Nutrition


LOVE: The number one best remedy for heart health and happiness is love: be it love for another person, family members, friends, work, nature, a hobby, or a pet. Self love and respect, first and foremost, is vital. Take a few minutes each day to value your body. Find a quiet, peaceful place. Place your hands on your wounded, neglected, abused, or happy heart and radiate (Reiki) thoughts of love. Talk to, sing, chant, and comfort your heart and all its little cells when you do this. A loving relationship and good friendships can also do wonders for the heart. A bad relationship can be deadly. In addition, harmonious relationships with others help to maintain a healthy, happy heart. However, some people are happier being on their own, as long as they are not lonely and have some form of love in their life. READ Masters of Health (MOH) magazine: to learn more and check out the fascinating work of Dr. John Demartini, featured in the MOH February 2019 issue, and at his site:

AIR, BREATHING, MEDITATION: You can only survive for approximately three minutes without air. Along with air, proper breathing is one of the most important physical nourishment required by the heart and every organ in your body. Meditating and doing tai chi, yoga, qi gong, chanting, and singing are among the best ways to alleviate stress and improve your breathing because they each hold on the out breath. All of these practices are very beneficial and contribute to heart health and happiness. You can learn more about them in every issue of MOH: and on the personal websites of each contributor.

Yoga and meditation are featured in the MOH August 2017 issue and written about in every other issue. See: Prem’s, and to learn traditional yoga with HH Swami Isa at his ashram in Kerala, India, or one of the LTC Centers in France, or Germany:

The benefits of meditation for the heart are well documented. Meditation also lowers the heart rate naturally. Meditate every day! For Karen Atkin’s wonderful Qi Gong exercises go to:

WATER: Clean, pure, structured water is also vital for the heart to function properly and in sync with all your other organs and body systems. Keep in mind that water is the medium that enables cells to communicate with each other. This includes the many communities of cells in the heart. Thus, all the more reason why the water you drink must be pure, structured/vitalized, and free of ALL chemicals and pollutants. Remember...not all water is created equal. Avoid contaminated (e.g. pesticides, herbicides, medications, etc.) and fluoridated water like the plague!