Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 26








Energy Medicine

and Quietly Held Secrets

In speaking yesterday to someone who has heard of energy medicine and yet who only had a vague understanding of what it is and the potential depth of the work, I realized that the non-sensationalized aspects of a “new” science can easily be overlooked. Today, I have chosen to help rectify that lack of knowledge and understanding with 5 points of discussion.


As a field of medicine that has existed for millenniums, literally, energy medicine is a tool that does not fight disorders or disease – it works solely to assist the body, not to fight an invader or anomaly. In supporting the body in releasing imbalances, relieving stress and creating an environment in which disease and disorders cannot live, the impact, focus, and depth is always positive and constructive, never destructive. That is a key difference in approach from allopathic medicine where the emphasis is on killing the disease, frequently at a high cost to the patient.


Every cell, every form of cancer, every form of bacteria etc. each has its own energetic footprint and vibration and it wants to live. When a well-experienced practitioner is working with a patient, s/he is able to attune to the vibration of the disease-causing cells as well as those of the patient. Since identical vibrations are drawn to each other, by changing the vibration of the patient through a strengthened immune system, hormonal balance, strengthened adrenals, and more, there is no longer a resonance with the disease-causing cells thus supporting the healing.

At one point while I was involved in a Frontier Medicine Grant, I received a call to Anguilla, BWI where I lived, saying that a very expensive new microscope that had just been purchased was not able to watch rapidly developing brain cancer cells reproducing since the cells would leave the center of the Petri dish every time the laser was turned on and go to the periphery where they hid. In tuning into the cells, I could sense their fear of death.

At my suggestion to have 2 healers come in and channel unconditional love within the Petri dish by surrounding the dish, at some distance, with their hands. They discovered the cells stayed in the middle and were able to be observed for in-depth observation by the medical team. It demonstrates the need to know where we, as energy healers, are coming from when we do our work. We need to not see enemies, only various life patterns.


Because each type of cancer cell has its own energetic and physical make-up, when, as an example, a breast cancer cell metastasizes to the brain, it is still perfectly clear which cells in the brain are breast cancer cells vs. what may be additional brain cancer cells if any exist. The physical make-up and energetic vibrations are uniquely theirs.


The psycho/spiritual correlates of metastasized cancer varies somewhat from the original form. Breast cancer in the brain takes on an additional element from simple breast cancer in the breast.