Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 17


The same principle applies to hyper and hypo thyroid. Your thyroid gland originates from your tongue embryologically. This is why its function has a direct correlation with your metabolic rate because the tongue deals with chewing, eating, swallowing and speaking.

If you feel like you have said something you wish you hadn’t, your thyroid function tends to go up. If you are not saying something you wish you could, your thyroid function tends to go down and your metabolic rate drops. That is why hypo-thyroids are often listless, quiet and don’t speak much. They tend to hold in a lot of resentment and they hold in what they really want to say. The hyper-thyroids tend to talk and speak and are generally more outgoing and extroverted. These physiological polarities are as a result of imbalanced perceptions and you are literally affecting your physiology with your perceptions.

if you exaggerate or minimize things with your perceptions; you are automatically changing your physiology, changing the blood sugar levels, changing lipid levels and hormone levels.


Again, your hormone imbalances often have a lot to do with your perceptions of the world. If you are feeling passive, safe and secure in your higher values or what’s most important to you, your female hormones go up. If you have to deal with fight or flight - you are aggressive and you feel like the world is challenging you, your male hormones go up.

Your feminine hormones stimulate fat and male hormones stimulate water and muscle levels in the body. On the one hand your body becomes ‘harder’ and on the other your body becomes ‘softer’.

The many symptoms that you experience in your body are your body’s way of trying to reveal the areas in your life where you have imbalanced perceptions. So disease is not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing and it is wise to discover the underlying meaning.

If you bring your perceptions into balance, you can normalize your physiology and your body will return to wellness.