Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 125

From the perspective of the Mayan ancestors, humans are an integral part of this creation. So our emotions, feelings, thoughts, spiritual evolution, and o relationships with other human beings and the environment, are factors that strongly influence our health and our well-being. We make a long journey incarnation after incarnation, to allow our soul to experience, learn, share, teach, interact, and finally return to a place of full and deeper consciousness.

Mayans have developed a profound and simple culture that mixes science with mysticism. They seek the unity of all people, instead of focusing on differences. They respect the various ways of expressing knowledge and make this respect manifest in their rituals (of which perhaps the best known is the Traditional Fire Ceremony), in which everyone is welcome, regardless of their belief, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or social status.

They have managed to maintain a strong connection with the simple things of life and through them, they explain the most complex of concepts.

They are beings who walk through life with a clear purpose, who conceive of their existence as an opportunity to find inner harmony and as the initial step to enter into harmony with their environment.

I have always been amazed by their ability to laugh easily, by their way of expressing depth through simplicity, their love of what's natural, their innate skill for creating art, their patience to keep records and their ability to protect their ancestral knowledge as the greatest of treasures, despite the implacable system that has taken over the world and has tried to push them many times to renounce their legacy.

Mayan knowledge is not something that can be learned in a book or in a course. These are merely thresholds for those who choose to open their hearts and transform their way of living. They are doors that lead to a world of magic that, although simple, is incredibly powerful.