Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 124

The Masters of Health team has kindly opened a space for me amongst these pages in which I can share with their readers the reality of the Mayan culture. A living and thriving culture that holds a transcendental legacy for humanity and that is willing to share its knowledge with all those who have an "open heart."

For a long time I heard the term "open heart" and although I thought I understood it, there was always an underlying feeling of not being able to comprehend its meaning completely.

After a long journey, I understood that to open one's heart means to get rid of personal patterns and allow ourselves to cleanse our spirits of the self-contaminating energy that learning in limiting ways brings. It is to leave behind what divides us and begin to visualize ourselves as unique and complete beings that play a fundamental role in the complex universal mechanism that reality is.

Once we recognize our individuality and the transcendent contribution of each one of us in the great interweaving masterpiece of creation, we will learn to respect the essence of each being.

It is not an easy road because personal, family, and social patterns tend to repeat themselves. Breaking with them requires a firm decision, constant observation, and a persistent intention. However, although it seems contradictory, it is the widest and more open way to return to the "open heart" state.

So, to begin the journey towards the ancestral knowledge that protects the Mayan nation, it will be necessary to open our hearts and leave behind some learned concepts that shape our perspectives in the western world, but that are very different to how Mayans understood reality.

The Mayan Cosmovision

Perhaps a good way to start the journey towards this amazing culture is by explaining some of the concepts that they hold dear and through which they see and make sense of the world.

The Mayans see creation as a great, magnificent, fabric in which each human being, animal, plant, mineral, element or object, is a thread that fulfills a relevant function.

The energetic essence of every single thing, no matter how small, is fundamental and influences the macro system transcendently. It is for this reason that much of the Mayan knowledge has focused on the constant observation, through thousands of years, of the energetic threads that dance inside and outside of us.

A clear example of this is the Sacred Calendar, or Cholq'ij. A calendar that, unlike others, does not measure time, but the energy cycles within which we coexist.

For the Mayan nation, the measurement of time and the observation of events in relation to it was very important. That is why they developed different calendars that allowed them to connect deeply with different aspects of their daily lives. Mayan time, however, breaks with western notions and schemes. They do not believe that past, present, and future are organized in a linear way, but perceive time as a spiral in which there is an eternal return to the present.

The concept of cycles is fundamental and a large part of Mayan daily life is based on it. According to the Elders, only those who carefully observe the natural and universal cycles, will be able to dance in harmony with creation.

The First Steps

on the Winding Path