Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 12

Filled with secrets from age old cultures, combined with the latest findings from today’s scientific community, ANCIENT SOUNDS ~ MODERN HEALING takes the reader on an extraordinary journey revealing the immense power and healing capabilities of sound.

jill mattson's Sound Healing Books

Discover the secret language of your body, improve relationships with vibrations, understand mysteries in your subconscious mind, adjust your experience of astrological frequencies, and ascend to a higher level of being - using the most exciting unexplored power of the twenty-first century - Sound!! Jill Mattson presents long-lost teachings of Ancient Masters along with Edwards' BioAcoustics in a ground-breaking new book.

It is the mind-blowing story of how music - (the sound vibrational matrix of infinite variety) - literally shaped human history.

"Lost Waves of Time will take you back to the beginning and ahead to the potential that we have forgotten. Prepare for a ride through history in a way that will move you to your core. You will recognize information from a deeper inner place that you likely didn't know even existed within in you."

- Sharry Edwards, Founder Bio Acoustics