Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 119

Learn to Meditate

Loving Your Ideal Job

Here’s another example: if you’re not satisfied with your job, then internally create your ideal work environment:

What kinds of fun and rewarding daily tasks are you performing?

What do the supportive people you work with look like?

What does your workspace smell like? Maybe your co-worker just brought a yummy, healthy pie for you to eat!

How does it feel to be earning the income you deserve?

What do the happy voices of the people you’re serving sound like?

Feel the satisfaction in your heart.

I love hearing back from clients and friends, reporting that they did this exercise, and within a week, they “randomly” and unexpectedly met someone or got a new job.

If you’re having trouble generating that “feeling” in your heart through the exercise above, then take a step back and start with the video below.

This “awareness of breath” practice is very simple. In addition, it will be a great baseline for opening yourself up to those joyful “special” feelings.