Masters of Health Magazine March 2019 - Page 118

You’ve probably often asked yourself: “What do I want from my life?”

How what about this...Instead of asking, what do I want to have or do, you asked: “What do I want to FEEL?”

One of my teachers always used to remind us that we are “feeling beings,” and we spend our lives either trying to have a feeling or avoid a feeling. We look for symbols like people, material possessions, titles, etc. to give us an excuse to perceive those feelings.

But, what if you were able to call up those feelings that you were seeking from external things and generate them inside yourself without any person, job, money, or recognition? If you could do that, then those feeling you were seeking would be instantaneous, and there would be no need for you to have that “thing” you thought you so badly needed. In addition to that, you may notice that you end up attracting something even more scrumptious, because those feelings are already living inside you.

“Easier said than done,” you say? Well, no better way to find out than to give it a try!

So try this: Sit quietly somewhere and try to imagine with all of your senses whatever it is that you want – really feel it, and get specific.

Loving Your Ideal Lover

For example, if it’s a lover that you want, then experience the person:

What does it feel like to hold her/his hand – is it labor-worn or soft and well-manicured?

What does he/she smell like?

What does he/she taste like to kiss?

How does your heart feel walking down the street with him/her?

What kind of expression does he/she make when looking at you?

What does it feel like to hold him/her?

What does his/her voice sound like when he/she whispers your name?

Getting What You Want -

That Special Feeling

Feel the satisfaction in your heart