Masters of Health Magazine January 2018 - Page 97

Deep Wave Beauty contains the vibratory essences of vitamins, nutrients, collagen, muscles and skin tissues, making you look and feel beautiful.

Contacting Angels & Masters takes you on an experiential journey to connect with Angels & Masters.

Healing Flower Symphonies provide vibratory healing benefits of 12 Flower Essences. The symphonies release negativity and then energetically create ascendance.

This unique book details Jill Mattson's 20-year study of antiquity, as well as state-of-the-art work on the immense power of sound frequencies, in a highly readable volume. Interviews with 12 leading Sound Healing experts provide an excellent primer, and make for fascinating reading on this exciting, emerging field.

These would make a perfect, meaningful Holiday gift for your Loved ones! Happy Holidays!