Masters of Health Magazine January 2018 - Page 96

Why are the benefits of star-energies not acknowledged today? In an analogy, with a monkey mind, we are clueless about the benefits of meditation – of prolonging one thought for a period of time. The night sky is also like a monkey mind (sounds like nonstop mind chatter with thousands of stars vibrating). The gamut of star frequencies twinkle at us, but selecting one star and “attuning” to it demonstrates its benefits that we have ignored for centuries.

Mathematician Barbara Hero calculated the pitches of the orbits of stars, such as those in the Pleiades, Arcturus, Syrian and Orion star clusters. Hero mathematically showed that Earth has a reciprocal relationship with the orbital frequencies of many of the stars in the above star groupings. Reciprocal relationships can be compared to complementary colors, such as red and green. If we correlate Earth to the color green, then Arcturus would be red. Complementary colors balance each other like two kids playing on a see saw. The stars above have a “see-saw” relationship with Earth. It follows then that if Earth is out of balance, then these star clusters are negatively impacted. We are linked sonically. Are beings from these stars here to help us and hence, save themselves? When we help ourselves, do we subtly “tune” them?

You can listen to the stars with the Star Dust CD, with the frequencies of planets in our solar system. Testimonies claim that this music, heals animals, uplifts people with autism, and makes one’s garden growth faster.

The fast track to ascension, could it be found in the heavens - that we have access to and with attention - we can download - little by little!