Masters of Health Magazine January 2018 - Page 82


Free Your Voice,

by Silvia Nakkach

” Since my early childhood, birds and their natural songs have inspired me. When I was small, I talked to the birds and they talked back to me. They became my secret religion. I would sit on the stairs of our weekend home and listen to their songs for hours.

When I was five years old, nature was my sanctuary, and the mystery of listening became the gateway to my deepest inner world. My top-secret sonic meditation was to earnestly attend to the space of time between one song and the next from the same bird. ..”

New Album. Nominated for Best New Age Album in the 57th Grammy Awards

Produced by Todd Boston, engineer, musician & multi-instrumentalist

“I approach LIMINAL music as a gentle journey through fluid sound landscapes and ephemeral voices moving, transforming and dissolving like clouds in the sky. It invites a more open listening experience where time is dilated. Listening becomes a place where

one can go when needing more space. “ Silvia Nakkach