Masters of Health Magazine January 2018 - Page 34

One very encouraging email came to me from a woman in Mississippi, USA. She, her husband, and their son where attending a horse show over a weekend. They raised high priced show horses as their business and they were traveling home with all their horses in a trailer behind their truck.

They had stopped for fuel and as her husband was filling the fuel tank, an 18 wheeler semi-truck plowed into their vehicle killing her husband and the horses and leaving her son with severe brain damage. When she finally got her son home, she was unable to sleep very well because her son would wonder out of the house and she didn’t want him to be killed wondering out into the road.

She told me she didn’t know how she found my website, but she did and started playing the music that I have free on a play list of over an hour’s worth of sample music. She downloaded it and started playing it on repeat all through the night – and her son started sleeping through the night. Her email ended – “And now that my son can sleep through the night, I can sleep through the night”.

Another time, my mother was in the hospital with pneumonia and my sister and I were taking turns sitting with her to make sure she was receiving appropriate care. I took my harp in on the times I was at the bedside and played on and off through the day.

As the day shift was just changing with the evening shift, the day nurse came in and wanted to thank me for playing the harp. She said, “When I came into work this morning, things were already chaotic and headed to even worse. As you started playing the harp, we could hear the music out at the nurses station and within a short time, everything started to just mellow out. What started out as a very chaotic day, ended up so peaceful. I have never had a shift like this – ever! Can you bring your harp tomorrow?!

These are just 4 examples of how this 528 Hz frequency music has affected people. I could give you many more but the common denominator in all of them is that the music produced positive effects on each one. I am convinced of the value of this music and have committed my life to making it available to as many people as possible. Try it and see what happens!