Masters of Health Magazine January 2018 - Page 27

Open Your Heart to Love

by Prem Sadasivananda

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Another point to consider is what are the ways you waste time?

How to do you manage your time? How much of the wasted time could be used for some inner work and spiritual growth?

As we progress, and move into the future, we realize that we are left with an ever lessening quantum of time available to complete all the things we like.


What are the ways you seem to be spending too much of your energy? (such as shipping, talking, thinking, overworking, not sleeping enough, too much sleeping, too much eating, not eating, physically straining, too many news read, e-mails answered etc.

The key is: small victories, small improvements as regularly as possible. Nature accepts the small installments and small plans. She accepts you where you are.

Do not overload the will by too many expectation, too high goals, too little time, too many goals and projects, impatience.