Masters of Health Magazine January 2018 - Page 104

That leaves us with our Kapha dosha room.

Picture a large soft couch with blankets, a few easy chairs, a table with coffee, cake, soda pop and a large bowl of candy on it. The atmosphere in this room is warm, cozy and a hint of fresh baked cookies wafts in the air. The kaphas are amiable meandering around the room, with a few lounging on the sofa whilst awaiting the next task at hand. There are multiple conversations revolving around financial security, longevity and how to hold, protect and grow the company. Our sweet kaphas are working steady and patiently. What some would consider mundane tasks of bookkeeping, payroll, and the nuts and bolts of the day to day operation are high on the kaphas agenda. There is a calm quiet perseverance in this room. Our kaphas are comforted knowing they are lovingly looking after the best interest of all concerned. Their day ends congenially with the kaphas planning the next movie night or staff pot luck party. Kaphas are the ultimate team players and the bedrock of any group. Kaphas can be nurturing and content just about anywhere.

Now that the actors are in place our company possesses the diverse talent needed to succeed. Abundant creativity from our vatas, the drive to succeed from the pittas and the glue for a stable and secure foundation provided by our kaphas we have seemingly covered it all, yet none have reached their full potential. Can you see yourself in one of these rooms? How do we find the best from each of our internal rooms? Have we overlooked the necessary balance, harmony and integration needed from within these three rooms?

Unlike our imaginary friends that are locked and limited to their specific doshas unable to reach their full potential, we as whole individuals consist to a greater or lesser degree of ALL three doshas. We all possess the pieces of our spiritual puzzle. All that is required is to lay them out before us into a harmonious landscape called balance. Its our duty to embrace our individual strength, recognize our weakness and create balance within ourselves. With awareness we accept ourselves and others in the light of non-judgment. This acceptance and understanding allows for personal growth. This new-found skill facilitates a more loving and open communication within our work environment, family, friends and community.

Understanding our individual doshas and bringing them into harmony within ourselves, may not turn us into titans of industry but will create within us a peace, joy and contentment for ourselves and for our world around us. And isn’t that what its all about…

Happy Holidays to all!!