Masters of Health Magazine January 2018 - Page 103


a room full of Vatas

Have you ever wondered what it would take to create the next great company poised for world domination? Ok, perhaps not world domination but maybe a great yoga studio or cool retro beatnik hangout serving up a delightful selection of coffees, chai, poetry and blues. Well the answer regardless of your dream remains the same.........people, and not just any people but the right blend of people.

Imagine a hiring process, where besides the usual qualifications of experience and education we factored into this equation one’s personal Ayurvedic doshas. The goal would be to create a harmonious environment with an unparalleled flow of communication and co-operation amongst all. There would be an endless supply of creativity, growth, leadership and prosperity. What would the thinking process involve and how would you begin choosing a variety of talented individuals with the right blend of experience, creativity, intellect, heart and devotion.

I have an idea. Let’s begin with filling a room with true Vata dosha individuals. This room is filled with bright, energetic, expressive, original people. They all think out of the box, multi task and possess expansive all - encompassing minds. Meet our excited vata guys and gals!

Imagine our vatas in a room with nice carpets, easels, art supplies, music, instruments, a computer, large table with chairs and a blackboard. You task them to brainstorm ideas to develop your dream company. Poof! Our creative and energized vata friends go running in all directions. The blackboard is immediately filled with words, images, rhymes and drawings. In another corner are the joyful dreamers conspiring on how to use art, dance, music and innovated ideas for marketing and development. Things are moving fast. Scripts written and enthusiastically rehearsed. Music is reverberating through the room! The energy is palatable with so many ideas bouncing off the walls its hard to contain the creative energy. Our free spirited vatas float from station to station adding their touches of creativity everywhere they land. This is vata heaven!

Now that the ball is rolling we will need focused managerial skills to implement those million ideas into a detailed plan.

For that task our Pittas, with great purpose, enter a room with a motto above the door reading “From Chaos Order Shall Prevail.” The room fills with focused, driven, linear thinking high achievers. Every pitta has his work station tidy and has intensely prioritized what is needed to accomplish the next task. They burn through what is extraneous and have the vision to synthesize the creativity of the vatas into a usable form. The room expands with a competitive and intellectual spirit. Debates abound, unfortunately this room is occupied by all chiefs and not enough Indians. Conversations get a little heated and fiery as decisions are being tossed about. Yet the competitive spirit leaves these little Pitta “generals” perplexed as they hit the preverbal wall with no consensus reached nor task completed. This room of bold and well accomplished “generals” reluctantly admit they need a balancing force to counter their fiery driven independence. Trust me when I say that a room full of Pitas is not a fun place. Even for fellow Pitas, this would be a waking nightmare.

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